"MED-3R Euro-Mediterranean Strategic Platform for a Suitable Waste Management" is a strategic project of the ENPI CBC MED Programme included in the topic  "Waste treatment and recycling".

This 90 % funded project by the European Union of a budget of 4,787,062 € brings together 15 direct partners and seven associated. Its implementation period is 3 years (December 25th, 2012 – December 25th, 2015).

Five new Mediterranean cities will join the platform at mid-term (during 2014), and four new cities per year at the end of term (early 2016).

MED-3R is part of a context where the development is a priority in a global market charcterized by the scarcity of raw materials sources and the bidding on their prices. This project aims to contribute to the reduction of waste in the Mediterranean using the triple concept 3R "Reemploy to extend the products lifespan, Reduce the production of waste, Recycle waste".

MED-3R sets up an institutional innovation of multi-level governance, implemented on the basis of strategic platform: "The Euro-Mediterranean Strategic Platform for a Suitable Waste Management" to the benefit of technical managers and experts on waste management over the Mediterranean basin.

The stake is to reinforce the cross-border cooperation based on the involvement of public authorities, social and economical actors and local populations, and to promote the developement and operation of efficient waste management systems in a virtuous circle adapted to local contexts. This comes through the transfer of technical and technological know-how capacity building, the reinforcing of the expertise and the introduction of personalized guidance measures for the project’s teams.

The project MED-3R suggests innovation in approaches and services in order to meet with the specific needs of the beneficiary territories experiencing great difficulties in defining or implementing efficient and sustainable waste management plans. The developement of management plans will be innovative and adapted as it results from a unique initiative between complementary stakeholders of the territory, through the MED-3R strategic plateform.

Thus, the plateform will promote a new governance by an organized linking between the engineers and the elected officials in charge of waste in the Mediterranean, supported by experts from the cities networks.

New services, new management methods and more efficient tools will be provided to the cities. The platform MED-3R will become an operational reference tool to apply and adapt waste management innovations in the Mediterranean.