The whole partnership is involved in this work package. Each partner coordinates the mobilization of the services on his territory and undertakes his own financial management. Some partners will host the monitoring and steering committees of the project.

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The Metropolis of Nice Cote d’Azur is responsible of the project’s communication. However, each partner is involved in this work package through a targeted dissemination within the networks or by organizing the communication activities on his territory at different levels, particularly for the 8 urban conglomerations partners.

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The National Agency for Waste Management (ANGed) coordinates this work package. It affects through its position, the national and local authorities that are the main targets for capitalizing the MED-3R knowledge. ANGed targets the stakeholders of sectors and sub-sectors beneficiary of the project’s results and plans the identification of practices to be capitalized within the framework of the project in order to mobilize all the partners.

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The Municipality of Sousse coordinates this working packageas it links the cities to the expert networks, allows adapting the management plans elaboration methodology to the South context, and position the MED-3R platform to operational support. All the partners are involved in the platform and herald the model of multi-level governance across the borders.

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Genoa coordinates this work package and supervises the analysis of the different management systems and the integration of the practices concerning the work package "Capitalization" and "Strategic platform". The urban conglomerations partners are the first implicated as they will implement these management plans, then the ANGed as a national public organization associated to the two Tunisian cities, and finally the other partners as a support, especially during the needs identification phase and the capacity building in the skills transfer sessions.

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