Sala Cuspide of the Palazzo Verde

As part of their strategy against plastic waste, the MED-3R Genoese partners introduce the three projects selected through a national competition addressed to young artists between 18 and 35 years old, individuals or teams.


This contest is part of the initiative “Reuse” [Re-use] of the MED-3R project, extending from November 2014 to October 2015. The aim is to provide a second life to plastic waste, through a creative re use. Thus, sculptures and prototypes that may assert the creative side of the city were created with plastic waste by amateurs and professional artists.


Based on qualitative, conceptual, synthetic and insightful criteria given in the contest notice, the assessment and evaluation commission selected three projects in the following order:


The project FROM ENERGY TO ENERGY” conceived by Tvrtko Buric, from plastic objects used in yards or in the everyday life. The elements are treated at high temperature to reveal the original and raw state of the material, and then shaped by a sudden and violent gesture, subtracting the basic provisions and expressing willingness to reform. The center is owned by the Man, the creator and the consumer, aware of his environment. This work occupies a major place in the showroom and expands in height to follow the dynamics of the place.


The second selected project “THE SPRING STORM” is an achievement of Leonard Sherifi that reflects the alienation process of a self-consuming world. New creatures in a primitive aspect, sculptures in terephtalate ethylene, a fantastic micro-city built of industrial or everyday’s objects, photographs, symbolic figures expressing the divergence of Man, paintings, works revoking original and natural structures and the language of contemporary society, enrolled in a continuous voltage between life and death, the new and the old, and between the ineluctable fate of waste and those that might find a new life. This work describes a releasing method announcing a possible salvation beyond the physical and moral definition of every production devoted to consumption (Stella Seitun).


In the third place, the project “RECYCLE READYMADE” of Ordinariamministrazione focuses on the perpetuity between nature and culture, such as building a bird nest from plastic yarns to host the progeny, thanks to Man’s waste. Going from recycling, which is a productive process, another operation may be derived. This concept distinguishes natural production from anthropogenic production and emphasizes the practice of recycling that accompanies Man throughout his technical evolution. Thus, beyond an anthropocentric prospective, it's recycling or production and which came first. Would recycling correspond to a form of production or production to a form of recycling?


The three selected projects along with numerous works from all over the Italian territory recommended by the jury, will be presented to the public during the exhibition to be held in the Sala Cuspide of Palazzo Verde, a green building for environmental education and information, and whose aim would reside in sensitizing new generations on the major energy challenges of our era.


Get ready for this exhibition to be held from April 30, to June 14, 2015, and to its inauguration on Thursday, April 30, at 6 p.m.


More information is available on the websites: and and the Facebook page REUSE.