The MED-3R Genoese partners organized from 21 to 24 April 2015, a project’s monitoring committee, a meeting for the strategic platform and visits of the pilot sites.


The committee was held at the Municipality of Genoa – Direction of Culture and Tourism at Matteotti square, where the following issues were discussed: finalizing waste management plans and the collaborative workspace, achieving the outputs, and process of the pilot sites, particularly those concerning “Composting”, to conclude with post-MED-3R prospects.

Technical visits were:

- the public enterprise for urban cleaning AMIU (Azienda Multiservizi e d'Igiene Urbana), involved in the pilot actions of the Municipality,

- the Green Palace, a municipal centerfor environmental education and information, where laboratories, seminars and exhibitions of the Reuse pilot action will be held,

- the "Recycling Factory" for restoring used objects and furniture,

- and the public regional center for packaging segregation.
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